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The White Light of God and Love

I dream pretty much every night. Usually at least two dreams that I can remember in the morning, sometimes as many as four or five. Some of the dreams seem like they have information that might help other people (some are clearly directed at just me and some are just whacky!).

I have decided to share as many of the dreams that might be helpful to others as I can.

To that end…pull up a chair, grab a tea (or coffee or whatever) and prepare to hear the dream I had in mid-February. [It’s actually pretty short – you can read it while in line at the grocery store!]

A quick note before we start…The message I got has God in the language. You can read it directly that way or insert the name you call your higher power. I believe our dreaming brains use our preferred language/term so we can understand the message more clearly. I think God and Love are interchangeable, so you’ll see how that works for me in my dream.

The dream:

I was on a boat, a wooden skiff kind of thing. No sail or anything like that. There was another boat next to me, paralleling my progress. It was bigger and fancier and had a man and woman (a couple) on it. We were moving side by side up the coast of a long peninsula (water on our left, land on our right). In the distance I could see these huge waves forming…I knew we could be capsized easily when they reached us.

Suddenly I heard the words – “the white light of God and Love.” And I knew I was supposed to say them in the face of the waves and we would be safe.

So as the waves approached, I repeated the words out loud…and the lead wave reformed with a focal point at the top…and that shifted into an image of what I believed was Mother Mary…but it seemed more angelic looking – her arms were outstretched and formed the edge of the wave and had the bubbling foaming look, not truly a solid body, but one made of the wave. And then the wave simply sunk back down into the water and we smoothly floated over it. This happened over and over again as I spoke the mantra into the turbulent sea, until eventually the waves were done and we were safe on the water. The boat next to me benefited from me doing the chant/prayer/mantra/command? to the waves… they did nothing different, but also ended up with the smooth waters.

My thoughts:

I loved getting this mantra – I have already used it for meditation and also for centering when I am triggered in some way. I envision breathing in the white light of God and Love and breathing out any darkness or pain. I also love that the dream made it clear that if my boat has smooth sailing, so does the one next to me…and, if there had been others, those would have had smooth sailing, too. To me, this means that if I am aware of and heal/soften any inner pain or anger (the waves), everyone around me will have more peace. I got this dream the night before I started my 21-day meditation challenge. I chose to do 44 minutes of meditation every day as my inner contribution to helping soften the waves of anger and hopelessness in my community that are leading to teen suicides and overdoses. We will also do outer work, but I believe the first step is always inside of me. So it was wonderfully reassuring to get a dream that supported that idea, that gave me a beautiful visual of the boats and water and the sparkling sea after the waves had been calmed.

Your thoughts?

What does this dream say to you? Does it have a different message for you? Do you dream? Do you have any dream messages to share?

Please comment below or email me at Jennifer[at]whatifwellness[dot]net to share your thoughts!

With much love and gratitude,

Here is my Facebook Live post where I describe the dream after my first day of the meditation challenge.