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Who is Jennifer Sutton?


Jennifer Sutton, M.B.A., is a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Transformational Journeys Guide, Founder of Trust Life seminars, business owner, and Shoshin Ryu martial arts teacher whose mission is to help people clear fear and pain so they can find and live in their joy on a consistent, daily basis. Jennifer supports individuals and groups using EFT tapping, brain training, and laughter to release physical and emotional pain and self-judgement allowing them to move toward a place of peace and self-confidence.

Coming from another angle to meet her mission, she also teaches martial arts and self-defense classes. No matter the content of the class, she is a natural teacher, bringing out the best in each of her students. Using laughter as a tool for healing and growth, she educates, empowers, and supports individuals by helping them feel safe and confident stepping into their authentic selves and find their true joy!

What’s in it for you?

Playing with Jennifer will bring you new ideas, practices, and tools to empower you to find your center (what really brings you joy!), clear barriers to living from your center (fear is the biggie!), and support you as you move from your center and live a life of Joy!

What people say about working with Jennifer

“Jennifer is a very exceptional and experienced guide for those looking for transformation in their lives. She will help you clear the negative emotions. And old experiences and thinking that block self growth. She helps do all this growing emotionally/spiritually without any fear of facing our own foibles. She is a great asset to have in your life to move forward with personal growth. And heal old issues from the past. Her energy will help you raise your own positively in all areas of your living.”


“So far, I’ve had two amazing sessions with Jennifer Sutton, doing Emotional Freedom Technique and Quick Brain Retraining. Jennifer is an amazingly intuitive person. She led me right to where the pain was; in my body and in my mind. I felt things physically shifting in my body as we went through each step in the process. Jennifer also taught me some cool stuff about how the brain works and how to quickly find my center when everything feels out of control.”


“Jennifer has a gift for laughter and making things lighter, more joyful. This is very helpful when people seek help because people facing difficulties tend to fall into denial and just try to push through them or they feel overwhelmed and become paralyzed. Sometimes it can be a combination of both, leading to much frustration.When people feel overwhelmed, they tend to be too serious and can’t see any ways to lighten up. Jennifer has the key to lightheartedness and has a gift to take you there with her while helping you resolve your issues. As a colleague, Jennifer and I complement each other smoothly and effortlessly. My experience working with Jennifer has led to our students feeling transformed and excited to move forward in their life. It has been an experience of service to others and sharing joy in the process.”

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