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This is Love

by Jennifer Sutton I watched him strumming his guitar to test the sound of his new recording equipment. He turns golden when he puts the guitar in his hands. Even for short strums, he is in complete alignment. It’s so beautiful to watch. It was time for our hike and he had said he’d go … Continued


What do you consider to be intimate? Some people define it as being known on a deeper level — so you share inside jokes and maybe even have your own language. Others consider it being vulnerable — sharing the stuff you don’t like about yourself and trusting you can be loved through it all. Still … Continued

What Happens When You Do It Your Way?

I was honored to be invited to present to high school students last week on their Wellness Day. I was offered two 40-minute sessions with a short break in between. The first session flowed beautifully. I was open, following the leads the students were giving me, offering the next piece of information based on what … Continued

The White Light of God and Love

I dream pretty much every night. Usually at least two dreams that I can remember in the morning, sometimes as many as four or five. Some of the dreams seem like they have information that might help other people (some are clearly directed at just me and some are just whacky!). I have decided to … Continued

Family Portrait

It was a lovely fall day for a hike with my partner and my teen son. We walked down the trail crunching the crisp leaves and talking about life — stories of love, fear, humor, risk… and even soil creep! Then my partner pointed ahead down the trail to show us that two horses and … Continued

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