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The White Light of God and Love

I dream pretty much every night. Usually at least two dreams that I can remember in the morning, sometimes as many as four or five. Some of the dreams seem like they have information that might help other people (some are clearly directed at just me and some are just whacky!). I have decided to … Continued

Family Portrait

It was a lovely fall day for a hike with my partner and my teen son. We walked down the trail crunching the crisp leaves and talking about life — stories of love, fear, humor, risk… and even soil creep! Then my partner pointed ahead down the trail to show us that two horses and … Continued

Safety Lesson # 1 – Listen to Your Intuition

When I was in college, I chose the adventure of doing a semester abroad in Liberia, West Africa in the Fall of 1989. I went there on a gut feeling knowing that it was the right thing for me. It was, but not in the way I expected when I chose to go.

I’ll Still Be Loving You

I was talking to a friend a week or so ago about whether the concept of using Story in songs is possible. He thought lyrics with action were important and that just having a song about loving someone was not a story. For example, a famous song says, “sucking on chili dog, outside the Tastee … Continued

Cat Vomit Epiphany

Are you forgetful? I sure am. But I also have a possible solution – something that’s working for me since I discovered it earlier this week. The other day, as I came down the stairs, I noticed that one of my cats had vomited on the floor at one end of the dining room. Gross, … Continued

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