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Safety/Self-Defense Training


What It Is

I offer two types of safety training: a three hour overview seminar called Trust Life and a six hour workshop called PeaceKeepers. In this training you will learn about the types of violence (primarily criminal violence) and how to live and move safely in the world despite the threat of violence. This is a non-physical training that teaches you how to stay in Level 1 Presence on the Levels of Force scale and to avoid a violent situation. Level 1 includes awareness, presentation, proximity, mindset, etc. The longer course also includes topics such as how to fall/land safely and how to maintain emotional safety.

Topics include:

  • Understanding of violence
  • Introduction to the Levels of Force
  • Science and background on gut feelings/intuition/fast thinking
  • Activities that strengthen your ability to avoid situations where violence is likely to occur and to avoid violence in dangerous situations. Some attention will be given to addressing violence when conflict escalates
  • Information/strategies to maximize chances that you will be able to stay in Level 1 (or perhaps Level 2) in a conflict situation
  • Other topics relating to safety such as how to land safely when falling on ice or other hard surface

How it helps

People need safety before they can be productive. Fear keeps people in narrow/limited thought patterns, unable to see solutions or new options. This can greatly affect effectiveness and creativity. By gaining confidence that they will not be in dangerous conflict situations, participants will widen their awareness and see options and solutions to simple and complex problems more clearly and will be able to take action to make progress toward goals, both personal and job-related.

“Jenn’s Peacekeeper workshop is an absolute must for developing strong and loving communication in everyday life as well as in conflict situations. Her compassionate and gentle approach to her work breaks down all barriers and surrounds everyone with the soft light of love in the world. She invites trust into all her relationships. I recommend it for everybody regardless of where they are in their personal or professional life.”


Empowerment Training


What It Is

ET is a very lively, up-beat class that balances light-hearted fun, with deep discussion, experiential activities, and accountability, keeping participants engaged, moving forward, and taking action. The workshop is based on the book Infinite Possibilities ~ The Art of Living Your Dreams, by Mike Dooley. Mike is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, star of the movie The Secret, and creator of Notes from the Universe. This course teaches individuals how they can tap into their own innate ability to shape their lives and live their dreams through understanding and working with their thoughts, words, attitudes, beliefs, and actions.

How it helps

Like Transformational Coaching, Empowerment Training (using Infinite Possibilities as the primary curriculum) ramps up personal and job-related satisfaction and effectiveness by removing fear and other emotions that slow down positive productivity. The energy being put into this concern/issue is now available to be used to make good decisions and implement processes that support your goals. The difference between ET and Transformational Coaching is simply that this is a group class with specific content, whereas Transformational Coaching is more fluid and individualized.

Custom Workshops

You name the topic and desired outcome and I create a program to get you there. Through my own services and through partnership with a wide range of wellness professionals, I will develop a program that exceeds your goals and stays within your budget!

“The Infinite Possibilities class provides me with a way to transform my life. The principles are simple yet provide profound changes. This class helps me dive deeper into self-awareness of beliefs that do not serve me and hold me back from having the life I desire. I’m no longer the person I was last month, last week or even yesterday. Jenn is a one of a kind teacher who brings more to the class than just the book work.”

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