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Transformational Coaching helps you shift to more joy, more trust, more adventure in your life, even if you think you can’t. The process can even be easy and fast and fun! Often times, spend just an hour and a half with a transformational coach and you will enjoy significant transformation on the issue that concerns you most.

What issues can you tackle with this process?

Pretty much anything is fair game! Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to break down barriers that are keeping you from your success, and blending in fast brain training, this coaching can be fast and hard hitting. If you have an area of concern, someplace you feel stuck or like nothing else is working, this is a great option for you.

The motto in the EFT community is simple: “Try it on everything!”

EFT has been used worldwide by millions of people to improve or eliminate issues as diverse as pain and physical challenges, performance anxiety in the arts and sports, public speaking fears, food cravings, chronic or acute pain, emotional trauma, insomnia, pet health and behavior concerns, and so much more!

How it helps

Transformational coaching ramps up personal and job-related satisfaction and effectiveness by removing fear and other emotions that slow down positive productivity. The energy being put into this concern/issue is now available to be used to make good decisions and implement processes that support your goals.

Primary Methods:

Tapping, Brain Training

“Many people would be surprised to learn that I, who has been known as the problem solving go-to-gal since I was just a child, NEED a tweak myself every now and then. TWICE, I have been in crisis and TWICE Jen came to the rescue with her EFT, intelligence and love. I leave her presence renewed, refreshed and eternally grateful for her skillful, loving care. I recommend her often and VERY highly!!”

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