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Do you know you want to grow/change/get different results but you’re not sure what your best next step is? Classes are a great way to get fantastic content paired with the group process of hearing other people’s stories and seeing the parallels to your own situation (see my first blog for a sample of one of the stories I might tell!).

We learn and laugh and shift together. New friendships are born and new networks are developed. Come try out any of the classes and you’ll see what I mean! Please register either on my Facebook events page for that class or through the Calendar page on my website. You can also email me directly at

Brain/Body Boosters

Join Jennifer for 15 minutes of fun and fast learning to prepare for your day or get through the afternoon with maximum joy and productivity! Jennifer will share simple movements and fast brain techniques that will enhance your work day and every area of your life.

Business Support Group

Learn fast brain skills, clear barriers to success, and share support as we all live into our best business selves! For entrepreneurs, leaders, and staff of for profit and nonprofit businesses.

Easy Meditation

Jennifer will teach you a very simple and effective way to settle your mind and prepare for a day of peace and productivity. Beginning students strongly encouraged. Five minutes can change your life for the better.

Healthy Living Topics and Support Group

Learn fast brain skills, clear barriers to success, and share support as we practice healthy living skills. Topics will include cancer prevention, healthy heart, stress management, and more.

Infinite Possibilities

A lively class that balances fun with deep discussion, experiential activities, and accountability. Tap into your innate ability to shape your life through understanding and working with your thoughts, words, attitudes, beliefs, and actions.

Self-Defense Classes

This class gives hands-on physical skills, mental/emotional approaches, and effective strategies for self-defense situations.

Shoshin Ryu Martial Arts

All ages and body types train Shoshin. Shoshin Ryu offers overall physical fitness (increased strength, flexibility, coordination, etc.) and provides stress release and increased mental firmness and flexibility.

SAFELYou: Prevention

SAFELYou is an online workshop that teaches you how to stay physically and emotionally safe. Concepts/skills include fast brain training, awareness, presentation, proximity, and so much more!

Your Life Adventure

What are you struggling with TODAY? Bring that to the table and we’ll find techniques and ideas to help you create more ease and joy around the tough situations in your life.

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